Calaveras County Office of Education

Achieving Excellence Together

The Transition Program is operated through the Calaveras County Office of Education and is designed to provide services to students 18-22 years old who have a Certificate of Completion and an IEP.  Transition’s focus is to promote independence aligned with each student’s individual abilities. 

The Program’s primary focus areas are as follows:


* Daily Living Skills

* Community Skills

*Self-Awareness / Social Skills

* Vocational Skills

Who is eligible to attend Transition Program?

· Students 18-22 years of age on an IEP (Individualized Education Program)

· Students with a Certificate of Completion graduation document.

The IEP team will determine if the Transition Program is an appropriate placement. Typically, students enrolled in an Independent Living Skills classroom or Special Day Class for moderate to severe disabilities are candidates for the Transition Program.

Student 1
Student 2
For more information contact:
Special Education Teacher   or     SELPA Site Secretary
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