Calaveras County Office of Education

Achieving Excellence Together

2016-17 School Attendance Review Board (SARB)
 Christy Miro
 Rep of School Districts*
 Anne Colman
 Rep of HS district* Kylee Luchetti
 Rep of county probation
 Sherrie Sperry
Alt: Tara Johnson
 Rep of county welfare
 Alisa Gehrke
Alt: Vanessa Stewart
 Rep of county superintendent of schools*
 Scott Nanik
Alt: Kathy Northington
 Rep of law enforcement Shawn Cechini
 Rep of community based youth service center
 Kelli Fraguero
Alt: Sheila Neal
 Rep of school guidance personnel* Janine Schumann
 Rep of child welfare and attendance*
 Renee Malamed
Alt: Jan Kendall
 Rep of school or county health care Vacant
 Rep of school, county or community mental health
 Mark McCormick
Alt: Rolan Dillard
 Rep of District Attorney Office
 Barbara Yook
Alt: Dana Pfeil
 Rep of Public Defender Office Scott Gross
*  School representatives appointed by County Superintendent